Paintball abroad

For those of you who have not played abroad before, there's a number of things to think about. But don't worry; Paintugal have been helping international players enjoy paintball in Portugal for decades!

There are a few legal requirements and suggestions that we'll help with, and also a few top tips we can share. Paintugal will give you a thorough checklist, speak to the correct authorities and give you the help you need.

We'll make sure you have no problems playing with us!


Legal issues

There are a few vital things to know, but we will publish comprehensive advice well before you travel. We'll also email you to make sure you're reminded!

For example, Portugal is a dry and forested country. There real problems with forest fires and because of this all pyros and smoke grenades are illegal. The punishment include fines of thousands of Euros and even stretches to time in jail!

Another example is registration. Portuguese players need to paint their guns a safety colour. Paintugal have an agreement with the Government and police that unmarked guns can be temporarily used, but we need to register with the police. We will help with this.


Brexit and Non EU players

For those of you who live outside the EU, we'll publish advice on travelling into the EU. In particular, the status regarding visas and other tax issues are confusing at the moment.

We know it can be really difficult without a local contact. We've played games abroad and visited other European areas, and the help a local person can give is invaluable - so that's why it's so important for us to help!

We'll keep you up to date with information about how to easily get you and your equipment into and out of the country!