The deal: What you get!

As part of our relaunch, we're offering a deal that is tailored to our priority teams.

A normal ticket includes chaffeur transport all weekend, the game ticket, reserved table space, an onsite translator, event patches including your star supporter patch and a game t-shirt. You'll also have access to all the social events and evening meals for Friday and Saturday.

Non player tickets include transport all weekend, and tickets to the saturday social events.

Everything else can also be bought separately. For example, if non players want shirts or to come the Friday social, we can arrange that as part of your bill.


Paintugal pricing

As mentioned, extras or changes can be added, just let us know as part of your order!

  • Player "all-in" bundle is 210€ *
  • Player "no-bus" bundle is 110€
  • Non player "bus" bundle is 60€ *

* The chaffeur bus is great value: see why.

By ordering these items as part of the deal, you're actually saving 72€ across all the products.


Hotel Pricing

We're currently getting the final details from the hotel but the following has been confirmed already.

  • Triple room: 28€ per night per person
  • Standard double room: 35€ per night per person
  • Single room: 60€ per night
  • Spa access: 8€ per day

Deluxe rooms, suites, spa treatments and other prices are on their way!