Paintugal 2021: Relaunch

It's been a tough time over the last year, but finally some good news... On 25th and 26th September 2021 our big-game birthday celebration returns with a huge relaunch.

This year the whole event has been updated and reinvented, with a new emphasis and a long term plan. Your feedback and participation will be vital and we're keen to hear from you. But most of all... We're extremely excited to invite you to the event.

Paintugal is an association with a lot of history. The Paintugal Big Game is Portugal's epic season finale... but it is not just a weekend of paintball games; it's a place you can also take the family, kick back and really enjoy yourself.


Europe's premier family event

Paintugal has a unique family atmosphere that you simply can't get anywhere else... Take part in awesome paintball battles, enjoy the amazing hospitality of the Paintugal community, or just relax in the beautiful sun and countryside... the choice is yours.

The game has two days of premier paintball, offering challenging and exciting environments with great play for anyone. The game is open to all ages above 12 and is excellent value for veterans and newcomers alike!

However, the weekend is not just focussed on paintball. Our legendary social events have stories just as epic as the paintball! The relaxed Iberian culture and wonderful atmosphere is really something to see. Tuck-in to our delicious pastel de nata, enjoy our amazing wine, and experience the friendly chilled attitude that rural Portugal offers.


Play hard : Party hard

For the young at heart, the Paintugal party brings together teams from across Europe. It's a place to share your war (paint) stories, eat, drink and be merry... It usually runs well in the early hours and is one of the social events of the year!

The whole event is designed to be family friendly in a way that other countries and cultures often can't be. Whether you push yourself hard in the game, or simply fancy sitting on a sun-lounger; whether you come on your own, or as a huge family group... Paintugal has lots to offer.

We think it's great, and we want you to help us make it better!