Paintugal 2021: The Game Zone

Located in the countryside, the site makes the most of the beautiful Portuguese hills and challenging terrain. The late summer is still hot and dry in Portugal with great conditions, and the games are also run in a relaxed but competitive manner.

The site includes abandoned buildings with great CQB opportunities, wooded areas great for patrolling and roads for quick movement between objectives.

Our safe zone will offer all the supplies you'd need, including shops selling paint, equipment and offering repairs. New this year is a bar offering everything from ice creams to lunches... and of course, a cool beer!


Saturday: PT Vs

Saturday will feature our relaunched PT Vs event, and we are super excited about this. The aim is to provide a competitive and fun introduction to the larger world of International paintball for all!

A strike force of elite foreign players is behind enemy lines in Portugal. Outnumbered, but never outgunned, this game is a perfect way for the foreign teams to prove their skills!

For the Portuguese players the chance to compete against the veteran European teams is an awesome experience for beginner and expert alike...


Sunday: Paintugal Big Game

Sunday will be the end-of-season big-game event. As Portugal’s largest game, this is a traditional scenario event with all the excitement and challenge you’d expect!

Foreign players will fight alongside the various Portuguese teams over 4 hours of fast-paced objective based scenario paintball.

There's also an awards ceremony for the year, as well as our end of season celebrations and prizes.