Obviously there are some major concerns about Covid. Many events were cancelled or scaled down last year, and right now many more are going the same way. We had to cancel Paintugal last year, but this year it is very likely to not be the same kind of issue for a number of reasons which we'll explain shortly.

Paintugal is a non profit organisation. Our structure means it is almost impossible for us to have financial difficulties. We have no debts, and no real obligations. While it's not a nice prospect, if there problems because of Covid, Paintugal will survive for sure!

We'll keep any news posted on the site, and if there are any issue we'll get straight in touch.


Paintugal payments

We know that a lot of players prefer to book and pay for things well in advance. Covid obviously makes a lot of things uncertain. However, Paintugal is not much of a risk.

If you buy tickets in advance, the cash will be held until close to the event date. Almost all of our major costs are only due in the weeks before Paintugal. If there are problems, your money will be safe! Payments will be refundable, or can be carried over to the next year!

For other items such as booking flights we recommend appropriate credit card guarantees. We'll be making sure that the that we keep similar agreements with the hotel. Those guarantees will be in place, so you will be protected there as well.


Portuguese Vaccination Policy

The Portuguese government have said that their aim is to have 70% of the population vaccinated before the end of August. Many other sources seem to think that Covid is also likely to be seasonal.

These two factors mean that it's very likely that quarantine and events restrictions will reduce over the summer, and we're confident that smaller outdoor events such as ours will be allowed.

As with all the other information, we'll keep you posted!