The Paintugal Bus

Getting to and from events is often a hassle with all your gear; holiday travel is also difficult. As you'd expect, a Paintballing holiday can be both! Taxis in Portugal are also unreliable and very expensive, especially in the countryside. We've looked at this and we've worked on a solution for all players!

Paintugal will be running a bus service that's available as part of our deal. This service will be running over the whole weekend. Firstly the bus will run a pick up from Porto airport, Via Porto City and then on to the hotel. All weekend the bus service will run, taking people to and from the paintball site, as well as to all the social events. Finally, there will be a return journey to Porto Airport on Monday morning.

There's no need to hire a vehicle anymore, you have a chauffeur all weekend!


Onsite or Complete deals available

There are two options available for anyone - the Onsite or Complete deal.

The Onsite deal offers a regular service from the hotel to the game site. busses leave with plenty of time to get ready before the event, but also will be running throughout the day, departing every hour. There are also busses to the social events.

For international paintballers, the Complete deal also offers a lift on Friday. For those arriving in the afternoon, the bus will leave from Porto airport. However, if you arrive earlier, we recommend the restaurant Hard Club. Grab yourself a lazy lunch and sightsee in one of Portugal's most historic and beautiful cities before you're picked up and taken to your hotel at 16:30PM. There is a return journey leaving on Monday morning at 9:00AM .


How it works

This service is only booked in advance with Paintugal as we need to check seat numbers, though we will try to be flexible. We'll provide a wristband that gets you access to the bus. We will also publish a formal schedule closer to the event, but as an indication:

Busses from Porto Airport will leave at approximately 4PM, so please make sure you book appropriate flights. Onsite busses will leave the hotel at 9:30AM, and run approximately every hour after this.

This couldn't be simpler... no more greencard hassle or queuing at the hirecar office. Just jump off the plane, grab your bags and get on an easy bus to your destination! We'll try and work around your requirements, but be careful - if you miss the bus it's not refundable!