How to join Paintugal

There are two membership levels in Paintugal. The first level is website member, the second is associate member.

For most Paintugal events you will need to sign up. Some events also have a limited capacity, many also allow or require payment in advance. There are other issues for example: paintball markers need to be registered and other legal requirements.

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Website member

Website members can sign up for events, buy tickets and other products online. If you register and sign up to events, you will be insured for injury during games. This is compulsory on many games, such as P.B.G..

You can also join a team as a trial, which is great to get to know the community.

Signing up is completely free.

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Associate member

Associate members also can register their markers/equipment, as well as some other legal requirements checked and sorted. For example, paperwork for major events is dealt with by Paintugal for associates.

To be a permanent member of a team, it is requirement to be an associate member. There is also a discount for most games and offers in shops where possible.

To become an Associate member, there is a yearly fee of €25.

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