A little about us

Paintugal - Associação Portuguesa de Paintball Recreativo APD, was founded in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to take paintball to the national level and beyond. It is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote paintball using our values: friendship, fair play and respect for the sport.

Over the last decade, Paintugal has worked extremely hard at building up a solid community around the country. We have promoted paintball in many ways, while improving the game and spreading the word to thousands of players across hundreds of events!

Paintugal are now the go-to people for Paintball in Portugal!

Jogadores em Campo

Our Events

We run events almost every month. Paintball is an evolving sport, and we make sure our games are safe, well run and full of fresh content. These range from small team games, through to multi event campains (Mega Campanha) and the Paintugal Big Game (P.B.G.). Paintugal arrange all the vital behind the scenes things: safety regulations, insurance and even advising Government. We have even helped with amendments and creation of some weapons laws in Portugal!

We make sure that Paintball is a friendly, inclusive and safe sport. Fit or unfit... Young or old, male or female... paintball is for everyone and Paintugal keeps this at the core of our approach.

For players who join Paintugal, there are mumerous perks including event ticket discounts (including P.B.G.) as well as other deals and offers. You don't have to be a member to play, but as we grow the organisation it's a great way to support paintball in Portugal.

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Joining the Paintugal community

Joining the Paintugal community is easy... However, we are currently relaunching our website and the sign up section is still under development. This will be ready in a few days! To sign up you will need to provide your personal details, and we will also need some basic information about your equipment.

If you also want to join a team or are part of a team already, we are also planning a Teams section. Teams will be able to provide recruitment and other information for potential new players, and the site will help you get in contact with them if you want to apply!