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Paintugal is going to celebrate its 18th Aniversary on the 24th of September 2022. This will be an international event in the best paintball field in the Iberian penisula - Megacampo, Mafra. The theme is DUNE.

We have developed several activities for a day full of emotion, adrenaline and friendship... all with a guarantee of quality. This year, the organization is composed of the best event producers that Portugal has ever seen.

Be ready for an adventure!

Welcome to Paintugal

Paintugal is the national association for paintball in Portugal. We are a non-profit with a mission to promote paintball throughout Portugal and at an international level. We support individual players, clubs, and advise and help councils and the Government to make sure that Paintball is popular, safe and most of all... Fun!

We organize regular events for players and clubs, from small games all the way up to our birthday celebration in September: P.B.G. This is the highlight of the paintball calendar and a great event.

Paintugal started 15 years ago. We’ve been learning and growing since day one, and in 2021 we're relaunching to be bigger and better than ever! If you’ve never been to a Paintugal event: now is the time!

P.B.G.: Paintugal Big Game

To celebrate Paintugal's birthday in September, we run our main event: P.B.G.. Everyone is invited to spend this special weekend with us. This is Portugal's epic season finale! But, it is not just a weekend of paintball games; it's a place you can also take the family, kick back and really enjoy yourself.

The game has two days of premier paintball, offering challenging and exciting environments with great play for anyone. It's attended by players and teams from all over Europe, but the game is open to all and is excellent value for veterans and newcomers alike. It's an epic weekend full of adrenaline and good times!

Tickets are available soon, so why not find out why it's so good: P.B.G.!

Corpo Expedicionário Português

C.E.P (Corpo Expedicionário Português) is the official Portuguese team of players from Paintugal when playing abroad. There are hundreds of international games, and Paintugal helps many players get their first taste of international paintball under the CEP flag.

Most of the veteran members from Paintugal have joined the ranks of CEP at some point. We travel the world, attending famous games and events, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Brazil. Our reputation means that we often are given special missions and extra tasks as part of the events, which is a great honour.

Come find us and say hello at your local big game! Our logo is the recognizable Portuguese cross on red, representing the Portuguese who faced danger in the discovery of the new world!

C.E.P no North vs South em 2017
C.E.P at North vs South in 2017 with organiser Jim Warped